Company page

Specify your company's information on the Company's page. Namely: its full name that is going to be used for user authorization, updated email to reach you, if you use external project management systems, click on "Support planners", if you use Open ERP in your work, click on "Support ERP" and save the changes. Thus, you have finished specifying your company's data.

Users page

You need to add your Company's most valuable asset - the employees. You can do it on Users page. Specify the employee's name and surname, his/her email, please also specify the user's name which he/she is going to use to enter the website and client, and the password. Now you can proceed to adding projects!

Planners and projects page

To start working in CrISStal Eye, that is to start logging time into the projects, you need to add them. For this purpose you need to go to Planners and Projects page, add external project management systems (if you use any). Simply specify the link to the project management system and administrator's account you’re using , after that you can add projects. To add projects you do not need to perform any specific actions. You simply need to choose the necessary project from the dropdown list and it will automatically upload in CrISStal Eye. After you have added all the necessary projects it is time to grant permisions to the users to enable them to work on the projects.

User permissions page

To set up user permissions on the projects, simply proceed to User permissions page, choose the necessary project and set up User permissions according to their areas of responsibility.
CrISStal Eye has 3 types of permissions:

  • Specialist is an active user of this project, that is, he is part of the project team. He/she can log and edit their task time.
  • Watcher is a user who can see the time, screenshots and all projects users' activities.
  • Manager is a user who can log and edit the time for any project user.

Task browser and task list.

Now when all the web application settings are accomplished, you can start working on the project. To do this you need to open the task browser where the projects and tasks have already been downloaded, after that you can choose the necessary project and task and create an activity to log time. All the activities created will be available in the task list and you can switch between them.

Tasks page

At the end of the working day you can check the hours you have worked and see what particular activities you have been working on today on Tasks page. You can also get such information for any day of the week using the calendar and selecting the necessary date.

Reports page.

At the end of the reporting period you can see how efficient performance of you and your team has been. CrISStal Eye has a wide range of reports and filters to provide you the data on what tasks and projects users have worked on and how much time has been spent.

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